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The Pomeranian Library publishing house released over 70 titles, among them volumes of poetry, historical monographs and post-conference materials. Using its rich historical resources, the Pomeranian Library publishes also translations and reprints of literary works which contributed to intellectual traditions of the town and the region.

The most interesting publications of our publishing house that should be mentioned here are „Genealogy of the Pomeranian Dukes” („Rodowód książąt pomorskich”) by Edward Rymar, which describes the history of the Pomeranian Duchy’s rulers,  „A Dictionary of the Contemporary Geographical Names of West Pomerania with temporary names from 1945-1948” („Słownik współczesnych nazw geograficznych Pomorza Zachodniego z nazwami przejściowymi z lat 1945-1948”), and illustrated book „The Pomeranian Art” („Sztuka na Pomorzu”) by Wojciech Łopuch. The history of the Pomeranian Library is listed in the monograph  „From Stadtbibliothek to the Pomeranian Library 1905–2005” („Od Stadtbibliothek do Książnicy Pomorskiej 1905–2005”). Our Library published books in the series „Monumenta Pomeranorum”, presenting great Pomerania dwellers: Erwin Ackerknecht and Hugon Lemcke.

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