German Reading Room and Lending Library of the Goethe Institute

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tel. (+48) 91 48-19-220

Opening hours:
Monday, Thursday  9.00 – 19.00
Tuesday, Friday 9.00 – 15.00
closed on Wednesday

German reading room is situated on the ground floor in the building III, entrance C – from the car park at Podgórna Street.

The German  Library is a partner to the Goethe Institute.
It offers a wide choice of current press, book and audio-visual publications in German. They can be borrowed or used in the Reading Room. Required publications may be found in the Pomeranian Library online catalogue. 

This Library is intended for all those interested in popular science publications on Germany, German culture and literature, history, geography, as well as politics and social issues.

We have an interesting collection of encyclopaedias and dictionaries, current publications on cultural and social events, a choice of German classics, contemporary German fiction, literature for children and adolescents, latest German language course books, didactic materials for learning and teaching German, an interesting audio-visual collection, magazines and newspapers.

The Lending Library’s collections are systematically enriched with new releases from the German book market.

Brak etykiety


tel. (+48) 91 48-19-220

The German Language Mediotheque is available in the opening hours of the German Library.

The German Language Mediothequeis intended above all for German teachers and students of Germanic studies preparing for didactic work a swell as for people interested in learning German.

We offer didactic aids for German language and German language teaching at all levels, as well as materials for exam preparation at the Goethe Institute along with travel magazines about German-speaking countries.

The Mediotheque collections contain the very latest German course books, additional materials and didactic aids, simplified reading texts and professional journals on pedagogy and didactics of German language.