Specialist collections

Far East collection

The idea to collect books concerning Buddhism and Far East cultures in the Pomeranian Library arose in 2000 in connection to the visit of the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet Tenzin Gyatso. This is when the international project The Buddhist Book Project Poland was called into being.

Since August 2001, the project has been under the personal patronage of the Dalai Lama. Thanks to the gifts and support from the publishing houses from the whole world, over 8 thousand titles have been collected so far. They are both European language publications and classical texts written in oriental languages. The publications in this collection treat of different aspects of Far East cultures.

Prof. Henryk Markiewicz library

The library of Prof. Henryk Markiewicz, an eminent Polish literature specialist, was created for almost 80 years. It numbers about 45 thousand books, magazines, and precious special collections. The library includes the rich collection of Polish and foreign works on literary studies, numerous first editions, and rare editions of books and magazines from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Some of the books are copies with handwritten inscriptions. Some others, bought by Prof. Markiewicz in second-hand bookstores, include provenance notes, readers’ remarks and seals of successive owners.  The collection is an extremely valuable source of materials for the Szczecin humanist community.

Harbin collections

This unique collection is a gift of Szczecin Association of Harbin dwellers, whose members in 2004 presented the Pomeranian Library with the number of unusual documents, photographs, items, and written personal accounts of Polish Diaspora life in the Chinese town of Harbin in Manchuria. As a consequence of political changes after the Second World War, Poles were leaving China. In 1949, the group of 800 people arrived from China to Szczecin, out of whom over 500 settled in our town.

Works of Szczecin writers

These books collected for many years are literary works of authors associated with our region. They are only available in the reading room of Manuscripts Department.

The history of Szczecin families in the 20th and 21st century

This name refers to the “Fruit of the diarist” competition organized by the Szczecin Society of Culture since 1969. The works making up the collection are the priceless source of knowledge of everyday life in the region during the immediate post war years and the present ones. They show how Szczecin dwellers found their way to this town, and provide information about private and social events. The diaries describe places that do not exist any more and places that have significantly changed. They also mention about people important to the region. So far, we have collected 700 diaries.

Secret family archives

This is the collection of manuscripts obtained mainly by personal contacts. It is composed of documents, family albums, and photographs, in most cases from before 1939, belonging to people, who arrived to Szczecin after the change in the borders of Poland and decided to give their mementoes to the Library. The collection includes also materials concerning the social reality after 1945.

Books with inscriptions

This is the collection of books inscribed by people who gained recognition both in Poland and abroad, among them such celebrities from the world of politics and culture as Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Dalajlama, Norman Davies, Jonathan Caroll, Richard Gere, Czesław Miłosz, William Wharton and others.


The Pomeranian Library has a rich archive of materials connected with Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz – Witkacy, an unusual artist, prominent playwright, prosaist, painter, photographer and philosopher. The collection incorporates unique photographs by Witkacy, his letters, drawings and pictures. The materials were presented to the Library by Maria Flukowska, who get hem from Jadwiga Witkiewicz. The jewel in the collection is the set of 1275 letters that Witkacy wrote to his wife in 1923-1939.

Writers’ private book collections

  • Stefan Flukowski

Over 3 thousand volumes strong library of Stefan Flukowski, a writer and poet associated with the literary group “Kwadryga”, has been made available in the Pomeranian Library since 1977. One can find here the first and most usually inscribed  editions of prosaists and poets of Poland's twenty years of independence after World War I.

  • Zbigniew Herbert

A part of the private library of Zbigniew Herbert (1924-1998), an excellent poet, playwright and essayist, was turned over to the Pomeranian Library on the initiative of the poet himself in 1991. It mainly consists of Polish and foreign literature and numerous translations of Herbert’s books into various European languages. Quite a part of the collection is underground samizdat literature as well as „The Parisian Culture” („Kultura Paryska”) publications, prohibited in Poland for many years. Many copies include authors’ inscriptions addressed to the poet.

  • Andrzej Kuśniewicz

The book collection of Andrzej Kuśniewicz (1904-1993), an excellent poet and essayist, was presented to our Library in 2002. The core of the collection consists of German-speaking publications on the history of Austria, Austria-Hungary and the period of Emperor Franz Joseph I reign, which is directly associated with the subject matter taken up by Kuśniewicz in his books. The book collection includes many volumes on the history of Poland and the Second World War, as well as translations of Kuśniewicz’s prose into European languages.

  • Ludmiła Marjańska

The book collection of Ludmiła Marjańska (1923-2005), a poet and excellent translator of English poetry, comprises polish literature, mainly Polish poetry and translations by Marjańska. Nearly all little volumes of poetry bear inscriptions, often very warm and very personal ones. The Pomeranian Library took possession of Ludmiła Marjańska’s library in 2003 on initiative of the poet herself.